Getting started with SSH + Initial Setup

SSH  and the initial setup of your Raspberry Pi

Now that you have the SD card set up, we can now try and connect to your Pi. I am assuming that the pi is plugged in via ethernet to your router, and you have forwarded the ssh port 22 to your Raspberry Pi’s ip. During this tutorial I am going to use the pre installed ssh client in the terminal on the mac. If for what ever reason you want to use another client, the tutorials will still work fine with that client.

To ssh to your raspberry pi just type in the following command but replace with your Pi’s ip address.

ssh pi@

You should then get asked if you want to connect to the device with the key displayed, just type yes and then enter the password. The default password for the raspbian image is ‘raspberry’.

Tip: If you get any errors at this point please check that you have port forwarded to the Pi correctly.

The first set of commands to run are the update and upgrade commands. These commands are pretty self explanatory.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

These commands might take a while so be patient.

After these have been configured it is highly recommended that you  change the password for the default pi account. Simply type passwd into the prompt. Enter your current password (raspberry) and then your new password.

Now your Pi is fully updated and secure, now you can customise it further by using the sudo raspi-config command.

sudo raspi-config

Here you can change lots of features of your Pi. You can over-clock your Pi, change your password and even change the keyboard layout.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or requests please comment below.


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